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The Junius Theory - & How Hays Could Crack The Case

(NB: for those who think ‘spoiler’ doesn’t go far enough - this post contains a theory about the role of an actor listed in the final 2 episodes on imdb - based only on his character name, previous roles & real-life physical appearance. In other words - ***IMDB Spoiler***)
Will Purcell is found dead, placed in the pose of his communion photo (taken by a Priest from St Michael’s Church of the Ozarks), and with straw dolls found leading to the scene (made by Patty Faber of the same church). Patty says that she sold these dolls to a black man with a filmy eye, these dolls were given to the children by two ghosts at Halloween, and the Priest says Julie was excited about seeing her Aunt (she has none).

The children had been lying to their parents about a secret playspot where they played Dungeons & Dragons, & had been given a bunch of new-ass toys - some of which had a third party's fingerprints on. Several statements place a white woman, a black man with a filmy eye/scarring, and an ‘upscale’ brown Sedan near to the playspot, murder scene & devil’s den in the months leading to and night of the murder.

Sam Whitehead says many black men sustained injuries whilst working on the chicken line. Lucy Purcell worked on the chicken line for Hoyt - who’s daughter (let's call her Heiress Hoyt) lost her child. This black man - let’s call him Junius (similar to the Latin 'juvenis', meaning 'young'/'children') - and let's say he looks exactly like this (actor Steven Williams, decent body of work, listed by imdb as cast as Junius for the final two episodes could have sustained a facial & optical injury working on the chicken line, but his attitude/behaviour in his dealings with Hoyt in subsequent compensation conversations impressed the Hoyts, & maybe he ends up getting a much better job within the organisation, as an aide to Heiress Hoyt, say. Maybe he's romantically intertwined with the Heiress, I dunno. He buys himself a fancy brown Sedan once he's in his new role. Anyway, he's her right hand man, & following the loss of her child, Junius is directed to begin scouting children that the Heiress can Angelina Jolie (adopt/give a better life) to replace the one she lost.
Junius knows Lucy from the chicken line, her lifestyle & negative feelings towards her marriage and motherhood. He also suspects abuse within the home, given the way she talks (perhaps he even witnesses her beating her kids after work sometime). He works Lucy Purcell, & he is the conduit putting her & the Heiress in contact with eachother. He could have gotten photos for the Heiress of Julie & Will (communion photo) either from Lucy or from the Church that he bought the straw dolls, whilst scouting for new children (he bought lots of dolls 'for his nieces and nephews', says Patty Faber).
Lucy arranges meetings between the children & the Heiress with Junius supervising. Lucy tells the children not to tell their father about the meets. The Heiress falls in love with Julie. Sure, she could go down the adoption route for any child she liked. But this is the child that she wants. And the heady combo of being a millionaire spoilt brat who never hears the word 'No', & the mental health issues that come with losing a child & wanting *THIS* child to replace the one she lost is too great. Those around her have to make it work. She runs her plan past her father, Hoyt Sr, and he is livid. He pours cold water on it right away. Terrible idea. Warns her not to entertain it. But the Heiress doesn't care. She's got her heart set on Julie now. The Heiress directs Junius to arrange for Lucy to part with Julie for a fee (this cannot be done legally because Tom would not agree to it) and to set up Julie with a new identity. She waits for Hoyt Sr to be out of the country, on safari in Africa, before she snaps her plan into action.

Lucy is drawn in by the money, being able offload the motherhood responsibilities she never really wanted, and is comforted by the knowledge that Julie will go on to lead a better life (“children shud laugh”). Julie wasn't planned, she never wanted more kids, & at least now Julie can go on & experience tons of shit that she never would have growing up at Shoepick Lane (Shoepick?/Choupique? Choupique is caviar, right? The valuable offspring of mudfish/swamp trout? Damn, I need to crack a window up in here..). It's for the best. She gets paid, and Julie gets better. And fuck Tom, he, in all likelihood, isn't Julie's baby Daddy anyway (the Purcell grandparents allude to as much at the funeral, saying Tom was welding offshore in Texas when Julie was conceived). That's how Lucy feels about it. Maybe she says as much to the Heiress. Maybe not. But when the Heiress learns this, she begins to tell Julie that her parents aren't her parents, that SHE in actual fact is her real parent, and that Julie will be going somewhere not only better, but her TRUE home. Julie is now onboard. She's an aristocrat, and going home! The Heiress' mental health continues to decline. In her trauma, her lost daughter and Julie are now beginning to merge into one in her mind. She's losing the ability to distinguish between the two.

The children did not know that Nov 7th, 1980 would be their last day together, that their mother has sold one of them, as they cycle off to the meet spot. Maybe Will wasn't even supposed to go this time, but he goes out of protective instinct for his sister. When they realise what’s happening, they reject it. Will defends his sister, and distracts the adults, telling his sister to scatter & hide - he’ll find her later using his scouting ability (Hays in 1980 "you can imagine that little boy looking out for his sister. He was trying to defend her. That's what happened to him"). She flees on her bike. Will breaks free and cycles off in the opposite direction, forcing Hoyt & Junius to chase one or the other. They ignore Will, and pursue Julie. She's the target (West in 1980 - "they never wanted the boy"). After some time, thinking the danger has passed, Will tries to find his sister, asking Freddie Burns at Devil’s Den if he’s seen her. But Freddie chases him off. He runs back into the woods and back into Junius & the Heiress, who have found Julie and are taking her away. He tries to stop them taking her, and gives them little choice if they want their plan to succeed. During the struggle he is killed. To placate Julie, they place him in the cave in his communion pose (this is the Heiress' crazy way of trying to suppress Julie's screams & also convince her that her new Mom is compassionate, everything'll be okay) before marking the spot with straw dolls from his bag and leaving with Julie. They drive off, away from Devil's Den, in Junius' fancy brown Sedan.

On the way out of Arkansas, Junius contacts his cop on the Hoyt payroll and tells him to get on-scene to make sure he's in a position to tamper with any canvassing of neighbours or potential witnesses in the area. He’ll get a great job out of this off the Hoyts in the private sector, he’ll make sure if that. Sure enough, all mentions of a brown Sedan driving around, away from Devil’s Den, a black man with a filmy eye/scarring, by several neighbours are not included in field reports. The farmer was also interviewed by a white man with a badge immediately after the abduction, but this was not submitted either. The Hoyt Cop does his job well, & Hoyt’s Ozark Children's Outreach Centre charity disrupts the investigation with the reward, flooding the task force with bogus tips (Hoyt Sr knows nothing of this in Africa - he's left his corporation in the trusty stewardship of the Heiress, who makes the most of his resources while he’s gone). Finally, Junius completes the picture by passing evidence to the Hoyt Cop to plant on the Wrongfully Convicted Man - closing the case in 1980. Shortly after, the Hoyt Cop leaves the force & begins his six-figure salary job.

When Lucy realises what's happened to Will, that something terrible and unplanned has happened, she loses it. Her initial reaction is to blame & hit Tom ("All you had to do was watch HIM"). Although Will's death was unplanned, Lucy knows she's out of options. She has no choice. She has to stay silent. Telling the truth would result in either her murder or her imprisonment for child trafficking. After all, she played a part in this too. Junius calls her to underscore this warning. Later, seeing Tom's anguish, Lucy sends a ham-fisted note to her own home to inform the task force & her husband that Julie has not been harmed. The FBI agent even says ”the envelope’s handwritten, this isn’t a brainiac”. Lucy stays silent, and descends into alcoholism & despair. Out of guilt, she later commits suicide in Vegas, where she spends the last of the money the Heiress gave her (Sharon Stone in Casino-style). Prior to her death, hearing of her addiction (or that she was throwing around a lot of loose cash), her cousin, Dan O'Brien, visits her under pretence of caring for her welfare. Lucy tells Dan what she did before offing herself. Or maybe she didn't off herself. Maybe Dan's just a greedy fuck who sees the money Lucy's carrying, how she's suicidal, and sees the win-win. He spikes her needle with a hot shot, takes the money, & goes to find Junius to extort the Heiress for more. He's just as stupid & greedy as Lucy was. Junius brutally silences him, dumping his body, broken in a hundred places, in a quarry in Missouri.

Julie never accepts her new family after witnessing Will's death, and as soon as she is able, she flees, seeing her only choice as living as a homeless kid on the street (in 2015, Hays foggily recollects “in 90 I found the video footage, we learned about Julie Purcell, that group of street kids”). Approaching the authorities is not an option for her, as they would simply return her to the family she believes beat & sold her (she doesn’t yet know her mother is dead, believes Tom isn't her birth Daddy; & the peephole wasn’t a peephole, the children would pass messages to one another when Lucy would beat them). The Heiress despatches Junius & his mercenaries to hunt Julie down in 1990. Junius knows they can’t convince Julie to return to her new home - they just have to silence her. Hays was right, the clock is ticking - they need to find her first. And they don't.

In Episode 2, a website Elisa Montgomery shows Hays in 2015 is titled ‘The Purcell Murders’ - plural. Sadly, I think the Heiress' people get to Julie first. Her murder in 1990 causes her father, Tom, to commit suicide, devastating West. Or maybe the task force does find Julie, and returns her to Tom. Maybe Roland is real happy with himself, & promises Tom 'everything's gonna be OK from now on, buddy'. But right before she has a chance to settle in, be rehabilitated, & talk to the police about what happened to her & Will, Junius finds her & kills her. Either way, the end result is Julie is dead, & Tom takes his own life - and Roland is crushed with anguish. The Heiress' mental health completely implodes. West & Hays are pressured to withhold any evidence that does not support the conviction of the Wrongfully Convicted Man, and Hays, insisting they pursue the 'black man with scarring & white woman' is forced out for his insubordination. West knows Hays is right, but goes about things differently. He's a more sophisticated political beast, and doesn't have quite as big a mouth. He knows they'd need police resources to solve this case. So he bites his tongue, plays along with the Attorney General's request, and watches as his buddy gets canned. The case is closed, and it would appear that up to 2015, the Heiress' conspiracy to abduct Julie, which resulted in the murders of both Will & Julie, has not yet been publicly exposed.

My theory is that Hays continues to pursue the case in 90. Off the force, he will need all the investigatory help that he can get from Roland & Amelia to go rogue as a true detective and solve the case - just like Rust needed Marty. West is a careerist, but privately devastated at what happened to Tom Purcell, a man he steered from suicidal depression back to functioning sobriety only to lose him because they were too slow in getting to Julie first (or failing to protect her adequately once they did). He is onboard all the way. He owes Tom for what happened to him & his kids. He, like Marty in S1, 'has a debt', and just like Marty, he will bring police resources into play on the DL to repay that debt.

So - what ways can they go to crack the case wide open? :
- Option 1: Find Junius. Get that list of all work-related injuries sustained at the Hoyt plant by African-Americans. Check their vehicles, fingerprint all of them by open or clandestine means, and correspond fingerprints to those found on the children’s toys (requiring West's police access). This should give them a hit on Junius, who will give them the Heiress, who will give them what happened to Julie & Will.
- Option 2: Find The Hoyt Cop. Rundown all the police who worked canvassing during the ’80 investigation. Locate all the neighbours, which ones feel their statements were either redacted or suppressed, and whose signature is on them? Where are those cops now, what did they do, who left the police during or after the investigation, and who has links to Hoyt? Who came into money during or just after 1980? Who made large purchases, home, car during or after 1980? The evidence that was planted on the Wrongfully Convicted Man - who found it? Who processed it? Whose signatures are on the scene? West can provide that information. Once you got a list, take that damn photo array to the farmer. Have him ID the cop who visited him. This should give them the hit on the Hoyt Cop, who will give them Junius & the Heiress.
- Option 3: ID The Sender of the Letter. Compare family handwriting samples with the envelope handwriting the letter was sent in. West would need to supply this. This would give them Lucy, but she is dead, and so can't be compelled to talk. But at least now they know that this wasn't an abduction. This was child trafficking. Which gives them Option 4.
- Option 4: Follow The Money. Investigate Lucy’s finances. Child trafficking is highly profitable. If there was a transaction, the money must be somewhere, & come from someplace. Although, it would be difficult for West to investigate this without attracting the attention & fury of his superiors.

The only route here that protects West while still using his police resources without his superiors noticing is for Hays & West to pursue the Hoyt Cop (probably now an ex-cop, in a better paid role - similar to Junius, thanks to the Heiress). I think they find him (this is the guy -, and beat him heavily for information. The ex-cop gives them Junius - everything he did, killing Will, snatching Julie, interfering with the investigation, and having Julie killed... But he senses he won’t make it out of this interrogation.. He makes a move, & tries to grab Roland's gun. Hays draws quickly & guns him down. This wasn't part of the plan. They're murderers now. The Hoyt Cop joins the Vietcong in Hays' 2015 hallucination of all the men he has killed. But now they gotta make this look right. They bury the Hoyt Cop deep in the woods (he is who Hays' 2015 hallucination of Amelia is referring to when she taunts him about what he ‘left in the woods’) before burning their clothes (that's what he's burning in the BBQ in the 'coming soon in the weeks ahead' trailer). This changes everything. They know who they're after now. But they killed their way getting there. There's no going back.

They track down Junius, and Roland needs no invitation to deal with him. "You had the last one, Purple. This one's all mine..." He looks at Hays. "For Tom." Hays watches as Roland brutally beats & tortures Junius. Finally satisfied, Roland pulls out his gun and takes aim at Junius' head. But before he can execute him, a familiar hand pushes his arm down once more. "Don’t. Wait a minute. I want to know the whole story" says Hays. "Tell me why. What was all this for, a paedophile ring? A trafficking ring? Who's running the show? How many other girls are out there?" Junius says it was neither. It was all about Julie. He tells about the Heiress, her lost child, her trauma, how he tried to get her to go down the adoption route, but once she met Julie, it was all about her. And Lucy agreed to it. She got paid. It was win-win-win: a willing mother's pain soothed, an unwilling mother's burden lifted, & a better life for a little girl. Or at least, that was the plan. But Will wasn't supposed to be there. It wasn't supposed to go down like that. And once Julie fled the nest, having witnessed that, they could never let her talk. He never really had a choice. Hays is rocked. But Roland is unmoved. Still focused. "We done here, Purple?" Hays nods, and moves aside, stunned by this revelation. Roland puts a bullet in Junius' good eye. "Now they match, motherfucker." He goes to spit on Junius in his vengeful rage, but Hays pulls him off. “DNA.... DNA, man! C’mon! Get yourself together.”

This leaves only the Heiress. They track her down to the castle-type home drawn in Julie's pictures. But when they finally catch up to her, they look at each other, stunned. She's now almost completely vegetative in her mental collapse. Hays shakes his head. No, man. We can't do this. Let's just do this legit. Put all what we got so far on the table and send her ass to jail. Roland darkens. He can't believe what he's hearing. He shakes his head. "Im sorry partner, but u whistlin’ Dixie on this. Think. Think! Think on what she done. Will! Julie! Tom! A whole entire family. Wiped out like a turkey grease spot. Because of this person. This woman. Now, she got to pay. And even if we got all our evidence admitted in court, we'd surely go down with it....... Junius? The Hoyt Cop? We'd be in the jail cell right next to hers. Except she ain't going to jail, son. When Daddy Hoyt gets wind of this shit, he's gonna spend every last million he has getting his daughter off the hook. She's crazy, your honour. Diminished capacity. She never done nothing, your honour, she was just rambling crazy! They’ll put as much of it as they can on Junius. Best case scenario, she eats the manslaughter wrap, cushy psychiatric discharge to a mental facility. She'll live out her last days in pretty much the same way she doing now. Comfortable. Warm bed. TV. Regular nappy changes. Visits from family whenever she wants. Don't you see? Don’t you SEE? Whether she eats the conviction or not, her life won't change. It won't make a difference. She won't pay for what she done. And to let her skate, after doing what she done? No. We got no choice. We got to put her down for real. For good."
But Hays believes in a fair kill. He hunts boar because if you miss, they can kill you too. He'll only hunt deer with a bow - & never with bait or using a stand. He'll only pull the trigger when shot at. He killed the Hoyt cop because he drew him down first, and he killed in Vietnam because they were shooting at him. No. This ain’t him. They've gone all the way, done so much in this case together, but this, he can't do. The Heiress is defenceless. It’s not a fair kill. Hays puts a hand on Roland’s shoulder. “I'm sorry, partner." Hays walks away as Roland takes a deep breath, & puts his leather gloves on. He takes long, shaky, multiple swigs from his hip flask. And then he murders the Heiress.

The Heiress doesn't appear in Hays 2015 vision of all the people he killed, because he put it on Roland. That ends their friendship in '91. Hays can't look at him anymore - and Roland can't look at himself. Roland hits the bottle big time. He's glad he got Junius for Tom. He had to do that. But murdering a woman with your own hands? That's not him. But now, it is him. This was something he never thought would be in his life. And now he can’t shake it. There’s no one he can talk to about it. He'll never forgive Hays for putting all that weight on him. His drinking collapses his relationships. His girlfriend doesn't understand why he's lit all hours of the day, always angry, always tense, or won't talk about it. The nail in the coffin of their relationship comes when State Attorney General Kindt figures out that Roland's been pursuing a closed case.
Kindt walks into West’s office & closes the door. Roland looks weathered, still wearing his hangover, but lights up when he sees a real friend for a change. “Mornin’ Sir”... Until he sees the look on Kindt’s face. “Take a seat, West.” "You were given strict orders Lieutenant West. Your remit was to lead a task force supporting the conviction of the Wrongfully Convicted Man. The murder of Julie Purcell closed that case. Now, Hays wanted to go off all half-cocked and pursue 'a black man with scarring', was it? And start running down former cops from '80? He wanted to go off running his own detail unsupervised. So he got canned. And lookie here, in the news. A black man with scarring found shot up. And a former cop from '80 is reported missing by his family. Now, I'm not saying it's you, West, but there's no way Hays could have done this without access........ I sure liked you....... But you're done. Turn in your badge and gun by the end of the day." Kindt gets up to leave, before turning around. "But because I liked you, I'll be fair. Drop on your sword. If you resign today, and you keep your mouth shut about all of this? You can keep the pension. Your good name. Your freedom. Or we can go that other way. I'll make sure you end up in the same cell as half the men you put away. You ever hear what happens to cops in prison?...............Yeah.......... Good day to you...... Mr West.” West knows this is checkmate. He's toast. He got no moves here. He is constructively canned, and walks into his home to tell his girlfriend he just lost his job. They don't last long after that. West lives alone with his demons, bitter & haunted, into old age.

24 years pass.

By 2015, Hays has been robbed of his memory of these events by his dementia. Hays does not solve the case in 2015. He simply figures out that he already done solved it in 1990! Maybe, with his condition, this isn't the first time he's gone through this process. He's trapped in a locked room. Having the same dream. Again. And again. And again. Time is a flat circle for him now. 2015 Roland knows this. He sees his friend's condition. He just doesn't wanna go back into that head place. Maybe this is the first time Hays has approached him about this, maybe it's the 10th time. But Roland don't wanna know, don't wanna go back there. The bleakest time of his life. He smoked his own career to make that shit right. But the murders they done. Tom's suicide. Their failure to protect Julie, breaking his promises to Tom, all whilst he was steering the task force. And the murder of a woman (the Heiress) by his hand. All that pain, death & anguish. "Nah, man. I don't wanna think about that shit or eat no boar meat, man. Motherfucker. Just get me two fingers of Southern Comfort."

The purpose of the 2015 timeline is twofold: 1. to help Hays remember (maybe not for the first time, but for the final time) that he brought satisfactory closure to the case, and also to his life. Amelia is dead, & Roland won’t go beyond cryptic hints about what they done. But Hays’ visions of Amelia & interactions with Roland & Elisa help him finally piece together & remember what they did. He finally reads the closing chapter of his Wife’s book, which contains a warm & loving tribute to him, with hints that she knew exactly what he & West went through to bring justice to the children's killers. What it cost them. What it cost him. In their souls, their careers. Carried for life, like a weight. And that in the end, as a marriage, they did live a genuinely loving, loyal & happy life together. And now, satisfied in remembering that, Hays can take the handgun from his drawer and return peacefully to be with his wife ("I may be deciding I don't want to stay alive without your mother"), whilst also simultaneously tying up the one last loose end of the case....
The second purpose of the 2015 timeline is to blow the Hoyt corporation & the political careelegacy of State Attorney General Kindt into the ether, and overturn the conviction of the Wrongfully Convicted Man. This couldn't be done in the past, because in blowing the lid off this mess, Hays knew he would be exposing himself to a murder charge, & possible retribution from the Hoyt corporation. But in 2015, with the Hoyt family mostly deceased, and no death row awaiting him in the afterlife, Hays is comfortable blowing the lid off this godforsaken mess, giving Roland some sweet revenge on his old boss Kindt, & giving the Wrongfully Convicted Man's family the peace of mind they deserve. Because now that he has found peace of mind & closure, Hays realises that everybody deserves peace of mind & closure. And he wants to give it to them.
After Hays' funeral, his son, Henry, finds a note directing him to the dictaphone, which details from start to finish the real truth about the Heiress' child trafficking activity, Junius, the murders of Julie & Will, Lucy's complicity, the Hoyt cop, Kindt’s purposeful obstruction of justice.... and Henry gives it all to Elisa.

Elisa gets exactly what she wanted. True Criminal goes viral globally - Serial style - blowing the case wide open. Elisa obtains Sarah Koenig-style celebrity, but more importantly, this allows the Wrongfully Convicted Man's family to finally clear their father's name, with the reputation of the Hoyt corporation & the political career of State Attorney General Kindt blown to dust. Hays & West become folklore renegade heroes for their acts, just like Rust & Marty.

But Henry knows the details now shared could expose his father's old buddy Roland to a charge, despite his age. He owes that old man a visit, an explanation, maybe some modern legal advice on how to protect himself from the media & legal intrusion that's a-coming by pinning all the murders on his father, Wayne. He secretly loves that his father did that vigilante shit. He's happy for him to take the weight. Maybe Wayne already did put the weight on himself in the dictaphone message, maybe Henry taped over the bits that mentioned murder, but the media/law are still surely gonna come knocking for Roland at some point now, with questions. Cause this shit is worldwide. It's viral. Everybody’s gonna want a piece of Roland. They need to co-ordinate, he owes him that courtesy as a minimum.

The final shots of the season are of the family of the Wrongfully Convicted Man paying their private respects at the side-by-side graves of Wayne & Amelia Hays for salvaging their father's name (if the Wrongfully Convicted Man is Woodard, maybe it would be cool if they sung the Native American Warrior's Mourning Song with a solemn dignity, draping their father's Vietnam medals over Wayne's grave in respect; and Henry Hays arriving at Roland West's home to give him the dictaphone, tell him what his Dad said, and co-ordinate.
As he arrives, Roland is hollering & hoo-eeeing with delight at his TV watching the news as the cuffs go on Gerald Kindt. They go outside & share a Soco dub on the porch in a knowing, satisfied silence. They look up, watching the big harvest moon. What it means to them. How before, it was just a reminder of the cold. Of all the pain. And now, how it floods everything with light. After some time, Roland glances at the dictaphone that Henry brought. Roland grins, looks toward the harvest moon, then, at peace with his past, finally, drawls "Y'know, sunnnn... The thing about yr Daddy.......... He always did have a big fuckin’ mouth". They laugh. Henry: "Yessir :) He sure did.. He sure did."
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Las Vegas Shooter Theories and Possible Motives

Las Vegas Shooter- Theories and Possible Motives Rundown
-- Possible Motives for Attack --
+Option 1: Single ShooteOfficial Narrative: Paddock decided to shoot up a concert and then kill himself. This is more or less the official narrative, but it is still a possibility. The attack was clearly carefully planned; Paddock had been in his hotel for around a week with a room overlooking the concert. A new article has come out showing that Paddock had also booked a room overlooking Lollapalooza earlier this year. Whether that was a dry run or he simply backed down from pulling the trigger that day, or he had another reason for booking that hotel remains to be seen. Paddock was a pilot, though, which means he was psychologically analyzed and deemed to be stable enough to own 2 planes, which casts suspicion on the theory that he suddenly decided to kill a bunch of people.
+Option 2: Planned Attack with Multiple Shooters: This theory suggests that several people had worked together to coordinate the attack, Paddock may or may not have been one of them. He had most likely planned to survive and escape, but variations on this theory suggest he either couldn't live with his actions and committed suicide, or one of the other conspirators killed him and staged it to look like a suicide to use as a diversion while they escaped
+Option 3: ISIS Attack/ISIS Inspired Attack: There were unconfirmed rumors that Paddock had pledged allegiance to ISIS months ago and shot up the crowd as part of their ongoing global jihad; ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack 3 times. However, ISIS often claims attacks, even if they aren't responsible.
+Option 4: Government PsyOp: The US government somehow staged the attack as a front to push gun control laws on the US citizens. Variations on this theory suggest either a professional government sniper shot up the crowd and killed Paddock, leaving him to be the patsy, or that the entire event was staged and used crisis actors to play the role of victims.
+Option 5: Leaker Theory: This theory suggests Paddock had intended to leak classified intel about the government's dealings with terror cells or cartel groups, and the government staged the attack to destroy his credibility preemptively in case any of his intel was leaked, as well as eliminate him.
+Option 6: Arms Deal Gone Bad: This theory is that Paddock had brought the guns to his room as an attempt to sell them to ISIS, the cartel, the mafia, or another crime group, and the people he was meeting with decided to kill him and shoot up the crowd. There isn't a clear motive why someone who felt they had been double-crossed by Paddock would shoot up the crowd though, instead of just killing him, unless it was ISIS; however, if it was ISIS, they would likely have stayed and been martyrs in the attack, rather than fleeing the scene.
+Option 7: Antifa: The concert was a country music concert; it is possible that if Paddock had ties to Antifa, he could have been radicalized into believing that many of the people in attendance were Trump voters who deserved to be eliminated.
+Option 8: Saudis: Saudis own the 4 Seasons (floors 35-39) of the hotel, meaning it's possible that the guns were being brought down to his room by the Saudis who were selling them to him, rather than him bringing them up. (
-- Loose Ends and Other Anomalies
+Anon Predicts Vegas Shooting: (
+Woman Tells Crowd they are "going to die tonight": (
+Paddock's Planes: Paddock owned 2 planes which may have been connencted to government agencies
+Former Neighbor Says Paddock May Have Been a Patsy: (
+No footage released yet of Paddock bringing the bags/guns/ammo into his room
-- Other Theories --
+Heist Theory: A Theory I've seen floating around the web is the idea that the shooting was a diversion while a heist was going on in the Mandalay Bay Casino or another nearby casino, suggesting that, by keeping the people and police busy with the shooting, a heist could go on unhindered in the background. There isn't really any evidence to support this other that the fact that the shooting took place in a Vegas casino
+Kidnapped Girlfriend/Ransom Theory: Theory that ISIS or some other group kidnapped his girlfirend while she was in the Philippines, and used her to force Paddock to commit the shooting. There isn't really any evidence to this, especially considering his girlfriend is now back in the US and being questioned by the FBI.
+Hangover Theory: I don't know if this is connected at all (almost certainly not connected) but I'm trying to list all possible connections and theories here. Anyways, in the 2009 film The Hangover, the opening credits show the Mandalay Bay Casino, around the 32nd floor, where Paddock's room was. During this shot, the lyrics of the song playing are "got a number 13 tattooed on my neck". This has caught some peoples' attention because the only known photo of Paddock appears to show him with a number 13 on his neck. Probably an anomalous coincidence, but I want to include every idea I've heard here.
( about 1:10)
-- Timeline --
--Theories and Additions from Comments--
edit:formatting edit 2: added some theories from the comments
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[Table] IamA Porn Icon Ron Jeremy! AMA!

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What's your craziest party story? On a film set, we did a party scene, the hot light that goes under the legs of the actor for the up and over position, the light got too close and singed his ball hairs. His name was Bobby Astyr, and he did a double somersault with a twist into the pool and saved burning his balls off. Now THAT's funny.
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I saw a picture of you and Jim Norton running a train on some chick. Can you tell the story or is it too confidential? Confidential? Jim Norton has told that story on the Opie and Anthony show, on lots of tv appearances, his cable special, and his dvd. So everyone knows about it, and yes, we did a threesome in Las Vegas. Dennis Hof, from the Bunny Ranch, was there too. I was doing doggy while she was giving Jim head. I fucked her extra hard just to fuck with Jim. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting teeth! He hated it.
Does a porn set smell as terrible as people say? Which set smelled the worst? The one where your mom sat. This is untrue, I have been in over 2,000 adult films, about 100 mainstream films, and 54 music videos - and they all smell the same. Some used studios, others used homes. No smells. Unless I had refried beans and prune danish for lunch, with a jalapeno pepper. THEN look out!
Hi Ron! How many of the videos you've starred in have you actually watched after? Was it weird initially to see yourself in one? Great question, in the beginning, I watched everything. Later, just the sex, then later, just the acting. Now, only if it's really interesting.
Does watching porn change after you've been in so many? Robin Williams and Sam Kinison said to me, that watching porn live while you're there makes it less erotic because you know how tough it can be. (I shot a film at Sam's house once, and Robin owned it)
What was your least favorite experience in the porn industry? It might sound corny, but I've had great experiences. Some scenes can be more difficult than others, depends on how comfortable you are - like in Europe we would shoot in castles on slabs of concrete, not too comfortable, but I could handle it.
I.e. Link to
Hey Ron, how did you get so famous? Generally I don't care or want to see the guy in a porno. The mainstream, much more than the porn. If I didnt do films like Boondocks Saints or Oragazmo, or a hit rap single (which went gold), I would just be another Randy West.
ber the first mattress actress you've performed with? Very much so - Samantha Fox, the brunette, not the singer. Broke my screen cherry in the film Tigresses and Other Man Eaters. Link to
Can we expect anymore random cameos or appearances from you in tv/movies any time soon? Yeah, tons. Lots of them! I just did a film with Alek Skarlatos, one of the 3 marines who saved a Paris subway. Also starring William Shatner and Danny Trejo.
Link to
Hi Ron , Are any of those online ads with you in them true about how to make my penis the size of a baseball bat ? The website actually checks out the clinical trials of the various penis pills. it's accurate, it makes you larger in the soft stage, so you're dangling bigger. It gives you that morning wood any time of day. I'm referring to whatever the website says.
Hi Ron! What's your favorite memory from hanging out with Sublime? Providing the girls, including Tammy Ann, to Bradley Knolls bachelor party and us both getting lapdances side-by-side. He was a great guy, very talented. I helped produce his first music video and he mentioned me in the song Caress Me Down.
What made you decide to go into the rum business? I was approached by 2 fellows from Finland who told me they needed a famous Ron, because Ron is Rum in spanish. Ron Reagan died, Ronald McDonald makes hamburgers, Ron Howard makes movies, Enron makes crooks - that left me. I agreed.
If there's a Ron Jeremy of today, who is it? And why is it James Deen? James Deen is nice Jewish boy like me, we get along great. His mainstream work helped him get more famous, as it worked for me. I also think 2 other guys worth mentioning are Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn. Great guys!
What do you enjoy more than sex? Your mom.
Edit: fix. A good back massage, a great rock and roll show, like last night seeing Gwar at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, and good comedy - like our buddy Ari Shaffir at Helium Comedy club last night. Life gets no better.
Was there any point during your porn career that you thought "Fuck it, I'm going back to teaching"? It's funny you ask this, when any porn actor has trouble in a scene they always say "That did it!" "I'm quitting, I'm embarassed, I'm flaccid." I have done this too. But, then you promise the director a better scene next time, and you get over it.
If you had to fist fight one celebrity who would it be? Danny Devito, I have a great chance of winning. I'll just sneeze and win. And by the way, if you want to see me beat up the iceman, Chuck Liddell, go to youtube, then punch in ron jeremy, chuck liddell. I kick his ass.
Do you have any anecdotes involving Gregory Dark and you that you can share with us? A great one. he did a mainstream film, he put me and taylor wayne in it, and at that time, an unknown actor - zach galifianakis, who became super famous in the Hangover films. This film was called Little Fish, Strange Pond.
What compelled you to parody Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video? I got booked, I thought it was funny and it got millions of hits. Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, and the director Terry Richardson, all liked the video alot. And besides, I look just like Miley!
#Fuck-Marry-Kill. Fuck: Hillary Clinton Marry: Hillary Clinton Kill: Nobody - I don't want jail.
Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher? By the way, I got to shake hands and chat with Bill Clinton - no lie! National Enquirer told the story 2 years ago.
What kind of work did you do on Boogie Nights? I brought the director to all of my sets, had lots of dialogue with the director, PT Anderson. I even had a small part in the film that got cut. I also helped cast the film.
What's the story behind your brief cameo in Ghostbusters? Was it just a chance situation, or was it planned? I was booked as an extra. Dan Aykroyd and the director (who had worked with Marilyn Chambers) elevated me to a silent bit player. So, it was booked in advance. I got slimed.
Two questions, how does someone get started in porn living on the east coast and what do you think is the ideal penis size? To get into porn, find a pretty girl and start out as a couple. Single guys won't get work, we already have too many.
Any size works, most girls say. It's not the boat, but the motion of the ocean.
Hey Ron. Do you ever drink your signature Ron de Jeremy? I've had a bottle for a few years but haven't opened it as it's better as a convo price than anything. Im not a big drinker, but I've enjoyed both the spiced and dark rum. They are delicious, we got amazing reviews in all media, and believe it or not, Donald Trump has my rum in his casino in Panama where it used to be made.
What's your weirdest experience on a porn set? Majorca, Spain. All the big European stars were on this film, on a boat, including Rocco, Ciccoloina, everyone but me got seasick. Now THAT is a strange experience.
How has society's view of porn changed since you first started in the industry? Much more acceptable, because people can bring it home - they didn't like the theaters, but video, dvd, interactive CD, etc., helped it to be a more private medium. Then we BOOMED.
What's your favorite book? Anything by Kurt Vonnegut. I also love biographies, I recently read Tony Curtis' and Carrier Fisher - both gave me beautiful inscriptions. I know them.
Are there any pornstars that refused to have sex with you? It could happen. I wouldn't last 34 years if they refused, but once in a while, a girl might want a younger boy, flat stomach, muscular, like me before the buffet!
How big is your penis exactly? Oh come on, I think we all want to know the answer to this question. 2 inches...from the floor. Actual answer, 9 3/4. (Note: some novelty stores like the Hustler boutique sell my mold, created by Pipedream Productions - they own my dick.)
As someone who has a large number of partners. I kind of got into swing of getting what I need from someone and moving on. Did you also find it hard to settle down? Any advice on learning to settle down with one person instead of habitual one night stands? Monogamy is very. very tough. I have a swinger mentality as do many porn stars. You can be emotionally monogamous, and that works, but the genitalia can travel as long as you keep it as a team and discover new physiques.
Hey Ron, do you have someone in mind that gave you the best orgasm ever? If so, who? Tabitha Stevens, she's nice and tight. We get along...and your mom. Link to
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The Hangover (2009) Blackjack Scene - YouTube The Hangover Soundtrack- Iko Iko - YouTube The HangOver Soundtrack - Iko Iko (HD) - YouTube Iko Iko-Hangover The Hangover - Casino Scene. - YouTube The Hangover -Very Funny Scene - YouTube The Hangover - Blackjack Scene - YouTube The Hangover Card Counting Scene - YouTube The Hangover Soundtrack - Joker & The Thief (HQ) - YouTube

Songs and music featured in The Hangover Part II Soundtrack. Sort. Order. Name. Artist. Black Hell. Danzig. Opening credits . Download on Amazon - Black Hell Play on Apple Music - Black Hell Download on iTunes - Black Hell Play on Spotify - Black Hell Play on YouTube - Black Hell. You Can't Just Skip Out Of The Bachelor Party. Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper. The guys at Stu's bachelor brunch at IHOP ... Hangover Blackjack Scene Background Song, free poker/poker games/free texas holdem on line poker practice, west helena arkansas casino, casino vcsb * T&C-Start Playing on Lincoln Casino read review. Wager. 8. x. Bonus. Read our full review. 100%-€150. permanent Min deposit: €20. 4 /5. 18+, T&C Apply,, ... What is the song in The Hangover at the end of the casino scene? Asked by Wiki User. 7 8 9. Answer . Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2010-12-09 19:16:51 2010-12-09 19:16:51 "Joker and the Thief ... The Hangover Part III (2013) Soundtrack 22 May 2013. VIEWS. 430K. SONGS. 46. List of Songs. MMMBop • Hanson. 3m. First song as Alan drives down the highway with his giraffe. My Life • Billy Joel. 6m. Alan listens to this song on his headphones as his father dies of a heart attack behind him. Ave Maria • Fletcher Sheridan. 7m. Alan sings this song at the funeral. Everybody's Talkin ... In the movie, The Hangover, what is the song that plays when Allan plays blackjack in order to win back 80 grand to return to the Chinese man. Its fast guitar throughout the beginning of the song but I don't know the name, Its not on the soundtrack I don't think. Hangover Blackjack Scene Background Song, proximos torneios de poker no brasil, skyrim blackjack gold, atlantic city casinos room rates today. Prize pool: 100% up to $100 + 100 Free Spins on Starburst. 758 * T&C. Free spins. Visit casino Start Playing on NY Spins Casino read review. Wildz-BALLY. Bonus. 293-WestCasino. Silent Movie. Casino review . 872-Close * T&C. Betway Casino - Welcome Bonus ... What is the song called in the hangover casino scene? Asked by Wiki User. 0 1 2. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2012-07-18 12:45:47 2012-07-18 12:45:47. Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother ... The Hangover (2009) Soundtrack 3 Jun 2009. VIEWS. 902K. SONGS. 94. List of Songs. It's Now or Never • El Vez. 1m. Movie begins. Wedding is being prepared. Thirteen • Danzig. 2m. Opening credits. Montage of Las Vegas. Take It Off • The Donnas. 9m. They drive to Vegas. Can't Tell Me Nothing • Kanye West. 13m. They arrive at Vegas and check-in to Caesar's. Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna ... what's the name of the song playing during the gambling scene in the hangover? just the name of the song/ artist please. Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Popisms. Lv 6. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. The song playing when they are going down to the casino is "Iko Iko" by The Belle Stars. The song playing when Alan is playing blackjack to win the money for the Chinese "gangster" is "Joker and ... Find all 23 songs in The Hangover Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. tunefind. Toggle navigation. TV Shows; Movies; Games; Trending Music; Blog; Sign In; Join; The Hangover Soundtrack. 5 June 2009; 23 songs; Follow. Songs and music featured in The Hangover Soundtrack. Sort. Order. Name. Artist. Yeah ...

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The Hangover (2009) Blackjack Scene - YouTube

Iko Iko by The Belle Stars. The song is by "Wolfmother" taken from the debut album with the same name. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 - Stealing Ostrich's Egg." -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Official Soundtrack for The Hangover The scene from "The Hangover" where they have to get 80,000 dollars to get Doug and Alan remembers his blackjack book and how to count cards! Watch it! Watch this! my opinion the best scene in the movie.I do not own this shit. As hilarious as this scene is, unfortunately it gives an inaccurate view of how card counting works. We've taken Millions from casinos through counting cards... this is one of the songs from the hangover called Iko Iko. and THUMBS UP IF YOUR REASY FOR HANGOVER TWO!!!!!